TAG Retail Point of Sale

TAG Retail Point of Sale


TAG Retail is a next generation offering from Dalcom providing cloud POS options with the robust functionality of an enterprise level solution.  TAG POS is an iOS application based point of sale solution that closes the gap in point of sale to operate as a fixed or fully mobile application.


TAG Retail Point of Sale Features

Cloud Application

TAG Retail operates as a fully functional Cloud Solution.  The benefit of this structure is that your system is not limited to traditional network and fixed hardware limitations.  Back office and Administration activities can be managed from anywhere and brings the systems to the customer.

Offline Operation

With any cloud based system the question is asked, “What do I do if I lose internet?” With Dalcom’s TAG Retail solution, we can operate offline and the system will sync your data when your connection comes back online.  In addition, Dalcom offers Backup Solutions such as Cellular Failovers and Mobile Cellular Terminals.

EMV Compliant

TAG Retail is fully EMV Compliant with Point to Point Encryption as a standard.  Using the Ingenico line of products TAG Retail has the application to meet the need.


TAG Retail POS is fully mobile with the ability to run in different environments meeting the needs for our customers.  TAG Retail can run on an Apple device to incorporate Cellular and Wifi applications so that the solution can be fully mobile.


TAG Retail POS can be integrated to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP Solution or operate as a fully independent financial reporting system.  TAG Retail Suite can manage Inventory, Receiving, and Sales Reporting to provide real time analytics for your sales environment.

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