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Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Microsoft Navision) helps your growing small to midsize company integrate financial, manufacturing, distribution, customer relationship management, and e-commerce data. A complete and customizable business management solution, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is ideal for companies with unique business processes and specialized needs.

Sales and marketing

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can synchronize sales, marketing, and ordering with Microsoft Office productivity tools, such as Microsoft Outlook. Contact, task, meeting, and e-mail information appear directly within the Microsoft Dynamics NAV screen. In addition, real-time information about all your contacts can help you identify key accounts and target marketing efforts.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps small and midsize businesses streamline distribution processes and improve inventory management and warehouse efficiency. Key capabilities include item tracking, multiple location logistics, bills of materials, transfers, item substitutions, and warehouse management ranging from internal picking to shipping and delivery.

Connect business processes across technologies

By using the XML document exchange feature, Commerce Gateway, Microsoft Dynamics NAV streamlines processes, helping you communicate with your supply chain partners more quickly and effectively, even if they are using a different system. In addition, it uses extensible business reporting language (XBRL) to export financial reports across all software and technologies to streamline the exchange of financial data.

Ease of use

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is both easy to use and simple to maintain. Its interface, which mirrors that of familiar Microsoft Office applications, requires little to no training and gives employees simultaneous access to data from a single screen. Furthermore, you can streamline workflow by allowing employees, customers, vendors, and business partners to interact with your system through personalized Web portals. Or you can take advantage of XML and XBRL to communicate with other entities across different


Because Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows extensive customizations from within an integrated development environment, you can make immediate changes to respond more efficiently to customers and new business opportunities, without disrupting everyday operations. The solution also integrates with any business intelligence tool on the market for added reporting flexibility. In addition, Microsoft Dynamics NAV comes with the full support of Microsoft and your local Microsoft Certified Business Solutions partner.


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