Development and Integration Services

Development / Integration Services

Dalcom is your complete solution for Application and Integration Services.  Technology is ever changing with customer expectations.  Customers need information real time and the delays of using multiple systems is time lost.  Dalcom is here to close that gap by providing custom software and applications to bring data to your finger tips and automate processes as one unit.


Dalcom has developed a suite of applications called TAG Retail Suite to meet the demands of running a business.

This suite includes a full-service package of applications including;

Point of Sale

The “TAG-POS” application is a robust IOS application that is EMV Compliant with all needed functionality of a traditional system to process sales.


The “TAG-INV” application gives the store the ability to count and track inventory variances on demand with real time inventory lookup capabilities.  In conjunction with the Back Office Portal, one can provide a look into the value of stock at a location in real time.


The “TAG-REC” application converts the customer’s ability to receive stock and transfer stock between locations into a single point to handle the entire flow from a single interface.  The application reduces variances and help prevent employee theft by adding controls in the release and receiving of stock.

Back Office

The TAG Retail Back Office Solution incorporates all of the TAG Retail Suite Solutions into a single web portal for access to the needed operational data.  The Back Office is a cloud based solution that communicates with E-Commerce interfaces and ERP Back Office Systems to provide a single source for robust reporting and functionality.

Integration Services

Dalcom’s Development Team creates applications for streamlined processes and operations.  Dalcom’s team can provide onsite evaluations of your current infrastructure and processes providing a solution for any need.  Dalcom brings extensive knowledge in advanced coding and data communication methods to our customers.  Dalcom is a leading industry resource in data movement between locations.  This translates to customer applications that make your company operate more efficiently saving you money.

Dalcom has completed integrations with companies like I3 International ( a leading company in video security for our Retail Customers.  Dalcom developed a solution that streamlines real time point of sale activities across multiple stores to a dedicated server for the customer to be able to review employee and customer interactions and improve operations.  This solution involves integration of the customers Point of Sale Systems, ERP Financial Systems, and Employee Management Systems.

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