TAG Retail

What is TAG Retail?

It is a robust omni channel platform hosted in the cloud to provide businesses integration to multiple resources without expensive integration costs associated with multiple vendors.  TAG Retail has tools for Back Office, Inventory Management, Point of Sale, ID Verification and API Integration for ecommerce and business use interactions.  These resources provide a complete solution from one company to meet your retail needs.

TAG Retail was designed on the philosophy of providing industry leading and cutting-edge cloud technology to retail verticals that could not validate the cost burden of being handled internally.  With Dalcom’s pick and choose structure of selecting only what you need.  Customers have found that TAG Retail Solutions save time which saves the Customer money!

Currently TAG Retail serves different types of retail environments in state-controlled ABC Systems, airport retail stores, and amusement spaces.

Coming soon in February 2020 TAG Retail will be in Epcot Disney’s China Pavilion!

Back Office

The TAG Retail Back Office Solution incorporates all of the TAG Retail Suite Solutions into a single web portal for access to the needed operational data.  The Back Office is a cloud based solution that communicates with E-Commerce interfaces and ERP Back Office Systems to provide a single source for robust reporting and functionality.

TAG Retail Back Office Features

Point of Sale Integration

TAG Retail integrates with Point of Sale Solutions offered by Dalcom operating on Windows Operating Systems and iOS Platforms.  TAG communicates via an integration called the “Connector” which relays inventory and item information from the POS environment to the cloud allowing for real time inventory analytics and communication from the store from any point with ease.


TAG Retail provides a robust inventory solution that offers full inventory evaluation and spot check capabilities in real time.  When using our TAG Retail Inventory App in conjunction with Back Office the store can make real time inquires of inventory quantity on hand.  This provides accurate inventory numbers which keeps inventory well managed.


TAG Retail offers Receiving options that manage internal transfers, vendor receiving, and reporting integrated with our mobile devices operating on both Android and Apple iOS.  These controls allow for detailed management of stock receiving and movement at a management level of multiple locations or single site with a detailed view of cost to purchase price comparisons.  This allows the customer to validate that all purchases are brought in to stock properly and tracked in detail to the sale.

Suggested Ordering

TAG Retail offers a feature called “Suggested Order” which tracks the inventory on hand and the sales of the items in the location to make a recommendation for what needs to be ordered to keep the stock in check.  This feature is done by tracking the items sales turnover and tracking the order delivery timeline to ensure that stock is managed in a way that your overall on hand is not a high cost burden but keeps stock available for the next sale.

Financial Reporting

TAG Retail offers customized and detailed reporting to meet the needs of the customer.  Currently TAG Retail offers a controlled ABC System reporting module to meet the needs required by the State of North Carolina.  TAG Retail also offers a general business use module also that can be customized to meet the reporting need.

Standalone or Client Interface

TAG Retail Back Office can operate as an independent system or by integrating with financial software like Quickbooks and other payroll systems.  TAG Retail also integrates with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 and higher as a client for store operations.



The “TAG-INV” application gives the store the ability to count and track inventory variances on demand with real time inventory lookup capabilities.  In conjunction with the Back Office Portal, one can provide a look into the value of stock at a location in real time.


The “TAG-REC” application converts the customer’s ability to receive stock and transfer stock between locations into a single point to handle the entire flow from a single interface.  The application reduces variances and help prevent employee theft by adding controls in the release and receiving of stock.

Point of Sale

The “TAG-POS” application is a robust IOS application that is EMV Compliant with all needed functionality of a traditional system to process sales.

TAG Retail Point of Sale Features

Cloud Application

TAG Retail operates as a fully functional Cloud Solution.  The benefit of this structure is that your system is not limited to traditional network and fixed hardware limitations.  Back office and Administration activities can be managed from anywhere and brings the systems to the customer.

Offline Operation

With any cloud based system the question is asked, “What do I do if I lose internet?” With Dalcom’s TAG Retail solution, we can operate offline and the system will sync your data when your connection comes back online.  In addition, Dalcom offers Backup Solutions such as Cellular Failovers and Mobile Cellular Terminals.

EMV Compliant

TAG Retail is fully EMV Compliant with Point to Point Encryption as a standard.  Using the Ingenico line of products TAG Retail has the application to meet the need.


TAG Retail POS is fully mobile with the ability to run in different environments meeting the needs for our customers.  TAG Retail can run on an Apple device to incorporate Cellular and Wifi applications so that the solution can be fully mobile.


TAG Retail POS can be integrated to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP Solution or operate as a fully independent financial reporting system.  TAG Retail Suite can manage Inventory, Receiving, and Sales Reporting to provide real time analytics for your sales environment.

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